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Recruiting Information and Help

Prepping for the process.

Education is the most important part of playing college volleyball. The environment which you will be involved in for the next few years will influence the person you become. If you have not already done so I would encourage you to sit down with your guardians and create a list of Colleges and the major you may be interested in. This list will be a good starting point at the very least.

Level based on your skills and size. 

This can be a hard fact to face but your skill and size do determine at what level you play and what college you may or may not be able to attend. One of the hardest things to figure out is where this level is for each athlete. I want to help you figure out where you may fit best!

Create a recruiting profile

One way coaches can find you is by your recruiting profile. College coaches will use this tool to research athletes they might be interested in. Maybe they saw a player at a game or tournament and wanted to see more or they contact the athlete/program via email. NCSA is one of the largest recruiting profiles that a lot of coaches use! Hudl is also a good resource to upload video to.

Get your measurables.

A lot of coaches like stats. Simple reason -  they don’t lie. Contact your high school coach to get your stats so you can add them to your profile. If you don’t know them already it is ok! Other measurables that are good to know are your vertical jump, block jump and approach jump. If you don’t know these yet and would like help with this please let me know and I can help you out with this.

Create a highlight video

This may be one of the most important aspects of the recruiting process. Coaches need to see what you have to offer. Coaches go through a lot of athletes, so you need to stand out. In my experience if I didn’t see something that stood out to me in the first 30 seconds I was moving on with the search. For this step of the process I want you to create a highlight video and send it to me. I will review it and make any suggestions that will hopefully get you noticed.

Sending an Email of Interest.

After we have your recruiting profile set up and your highlights created we want to let the coach know you are interested. It is a myth that even great players will get noticed for just their play. Even great players need to let coaches know they are out there and they are interested in their program. I want you to create a draft email and send it to me as if I was the coach you want to play for. Again I would keep this pretty simple but highly impactful. You need to grab the coaches attention right away so they keep reading.  Here are some things to include.

Name, club and team you are playing for, high school, awards, recruiting profile link to high lights, why you are interested, major you are interested in, club tournament schedule or High school game schedule that they can come and watch and any other information about yourself that tells the coach about the person you are.

Attending college camps

Once the process is underway, one of the best ways to get noticed is at their camps! Coaches hold camps for this very reason. They want to see people interested in their program and see what you have in person. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate your skills.

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