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Chicken Fundraiser

Chicken fundraiser_edited.jpg

The chicken fundraiser is a great way to help pay for some of your dues. Each box is sold for $27. From each box sold you will get $6 from that box. What is in the box? Each box is filled will 4 delicious bacon wrapped stuffed chicken breast. They are very tasty! You will give all the money from the fundraiser to us in order for us to pay for all the chicken. From there we will write you a check for the money you made from the fundraiser. We won't be taking this off your due's.  Please make sure you send your order to Pam Schroeder at In order to get the chicken before Christmas the order is due December 4th. At Pickup you will give your money to Pam. You can make checks out to Air Volleyball. 

Chicken Fundraiser Order sheet
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