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Conflict Resolution

The following guidelines have been established to protect the player, coaches, and parents from uncomfortable and inappropriate situations when it comes to the professional discussion and handling of grievances. The coaches within AIR VBC/Badger Region have been instructed to adhere to these guidelines to better maintain the club/player/parent relationship. The procedure to discuss concerns about the policies and actions are as follows:

1. The athlete should speak with the coach regarding the matter.

2. If the matter remains unresolved and there is a legitimate concern, the parent AND athlete should request to meet with the coach. Coaches will ONLY meet with parents when the athlete is present, and NOT at a tournament.

         a. Please do not confront a coach before, during, or after an event. Arrange to meet with your coach at a convenient time for all parties, including before or after practice.

         b. If a parent approaches a coach during a tournament, we have instructed our coach to refuse to discuss the situation, to refer the parent to a club director, and walk away.

         c. We also instruct our coaches not to get involved in a personal texting conversation.

3. If the matter still remains unresolved, the parent can request a meeting with the club director, along with the coach and the player. THE PLAYER MUST BE PRESENT AT THE MEETING.


It is important that players and parents alike understand that conversation with a coach is allowed and encouraged at any time throughout the season as long as it is civil and polite. However, when problems arise, we will all need to be rational and calm before discussion occurs.

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